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Susanne is the best Tales mom hands down. She’s married to an absolute scumbag who is unfaithful to her and willingly sent their child out to die (twice- without telling her).

She doesn’t give a damn that the child who has lived with her for the past seven years isn’t her ‘actual son’ that she gave birth to, he is still her child and she will do anything that she can to be there for him. She was ready to accept Asch back into the manor when he suddenly came into the picture, and when he refused she didn’t press the issue and demand he come home. Despite being sickly and frail she still tries to do what she can for her children. She is unselfish, kind, gentle and loving to her very core.

She is the best Tales mom and deserves a little recognition for it.

so her boys made her a little something because they love her lots even if Asch doesn’t want to admit it

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